Keith Quiggins, C.I.D.   President and Designer

Keith Quiggins, C.I.D.
President and Designer

Keith Quiggins

President and Designer

After nearly 25 years working in Residential Design and Construction, Keith has finally made the move to the next level with the opening of his own design showroom... Rococo & Taupe, Inc. 

Specializing in Whole House Remodeling and the art of Kitchen and Bath Design, Keith is extremely talented in space planning and the use of materials that will make your old house into an incredible family home to remember.  

Existing homes with bad floor plans, dated finishes, and layouts that leave something to be desired are challenges Keith relishes. Being well rounded in both design and construction leads to more timely, successful, and beautiful renovations.

New home designs from the ground up are challenges taken on with knowledge and creativity to make that dream custom home a reality.